Officers and Members of Post 405

Post commander - Timothy Feltis (LtCol, US air force)

Timothy Feltis

Timothy Feltis

Tim Feltis assumed command in June of 2019. He serves actively in the US Air Force Reserve as a Lieutenant Colonel. He is a rated pilot in several airframes, primarily the C130 Hercules. Tim is a member of the Armed Services Council of the Union League of Philadelphia. 

1st Vice Commander - Lou Cavaliere. (Captain, USN retired)


2nd Vice Commander - Dr. Andy Waskie (US Army)

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Current Members

Commander - Tim Feltis

1st Vice - Lou Cavaliere

2nd Vice - Andy Waskie

Adjutant - Joe Stivala

Finance - Bill Moran

Historian - Jack Lieberman

Chaplain - Albert El

Sergeant at Arms - Ed Berna

Service Officer - Andre McCoy

Judge Advocate - D. Bruce Hanes