Vietnam Day March 29th

The day set aside to remember those who served in Vietnam is March 29th.  For those who served in 1968 it has been 50 years.  Please consider the hardships these Veterans endured both in combat and upon their return.  Post 405 extends our eternal and heartfelt thanks for those who served in Vietnam, and although we can't go back in time, we can say it now:   Well done, and Welcome Home.   



This SKS 56 saw combat in Vietnam.  It was captured from a VC soldier and brought back to the US in 1969.  The VC flag was captured in Can Guoc during a battle in 1967.  The Veteran owner recently passed and the post is raffling these items off for his widow.    Contact the Post if you are interested.   

vc flag 2.JPG




Help us preserve some Marine Corps history


American Legion post 405 is raising funds to acquire and restore this pre-1840 Marine battle drum.  The battle drum was much more than a musical instrument.  It was a way of communicating across the din of battle to send instructions and boost morale.  Drummers were often young men (drummer boy) who displayed great courage under fire. 
This is one of 2 known to exist from the pre-Civil War period.  Our intent is to bring it to museum quality and present it to the National Museum of the US Marine Corps where it can help tell the story of the USMC and American History.   Don't let this historic piece slip into private hands!  This drum needs to be in the Marine museum where all can experience it.  Our goal is to present it to the USMC Museum on November 10th, the official birthday of the US Marine Corps.


March guest speaker


Rabbi Lance Sussman -Into the Storm

a sweeping look at the role Jews played in World I from 1914 to 1919 

Fern Billet, Congressional Liaison and community Relations, VA med Ctr Philadelphia.

 Dana Spain